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  • Sutures Look Nylon 3/0 24mm RC 45cm B12

Sutures Look Nylon 3/0 24mm RC 45cm B12

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Look Nylon:

the monofilament Nylon is a polyamide suture with characteristic high tensile strength.  The uniform smooth surface permits easy passage through tissue.  Available in black, blue and clear.
From conventional, precision and reverse cutting to taper and spatula designs, Surgical Specialties needles are designed for optimal performance. Each one is forged from a proprietary stainless steel alloy for maximum strength, ductility and hardness and manufactured with German-designed robotics to ensure quality and repeatability.


Length: Distance measured along the circumference of the needle, from the point to the swage. It is depicted on the packaging.
Shape: Different surgeries or surgical techniques demand different needle shapes.
Point: The sharpened part of the needle that first penetrates the tissue. The point consists of the area from the sharpened tip of the needle to the widest cross section of the needle body. The point determines ease of penetration and the initial size and shape of the hole.
Swage: Connection point of the suture and the needle. Micro teeth grip the suture material and prevent it from slipping out.
Wire Diameter: Gauge or thickness of the wire originally used to form the needle body.
Body: The part between the point and the swage of the needle.
Included Angle (Curvature): The fraction of the circle included in the curve of the needle. This is depicted on the packaging.

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