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SSS Australia is an established supplier of the Queensland Hospital industry. We currently hold hospital supply contracts with small, private hospitals, to Government contracts with Queensland Health and everything in between. 

We have strong relationships with product suppliers who partner with SSS Australia for our adaptability, flexibility and established supply chain efficiencies. We are able to adapt our operations to suit our customer's needs, from providing consistent delivery of hospital supplies and consumables to supply long-lasting, quality, hospital equipment and furniture for new facilities and site upgrades.

If you are a Healthcare Professional and not already a customer of SSS Australia, simply fill out our new customer form, or call our Accounts Team to discuss your options on 1800 777 518.

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Supply Solutions For Small Private Hospitals To Large Public Hospital Groups

With over 16,000 products from 750 suppliers to choose from our supply chain is robust enough to handle product shortages and delivery issues, with a wide variety of medical supplies allowing customers to pick and choose from within each product category. View All Products


We Deliver Hospital Supplies & Consumables

Does your hospital have a lot of suppliers and supplier agreements? We can help you simplify the ordering of hospital supplies and stocktakes and do it quicker for less. To get all your injectables, surgical instruments, bandages, PPE, autoclaves and theatre supplies in one place, use SSS Australia. Some of our most popular hospital supplies include: SC Johnson hand hygiene products; Medsupply products such as hot & cold packs, SafeStep socks, emesis bags and medicine cups; Hygienic wipes and bathing products such as Healthsource Jenni Wipes, and the Hicare Bath Range. View All Consumables


We Supply Hospital Equipment & Furniture

When building a new hospital facility or upgrading an existing hospital we are here to help with whatever you need. Our stocks include hospital chairs and beds, cryotherapy and electrosurgery units plus daily living aides and pressure management equipment. We are a tier-one distributor for Heine with products in lighting, sphygmomanometers, and stethoscopes. We recommend and supply Australian made Healthtec Couches for their exceptional quality and warranty. View Furniture & Surgical Equipment


Popular Hospital Products

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We Support Every Hospital Size & Style

Our supply chain adaptability, flexibility and dependability is what sets us apart from our competitors. SSS Australia has current contracts with Queensland Health, and we work with over 160 Queensland Health public hospitals and health centres from across the state, and a further 100+ hospitals from around Australia. We love supporting private hospitals too and work with more than 60 annually, each one with its own unique goals and requirements.

We work closely with specialist hospitals too, by delivering high-performing medical consumables and equipment to over a dozen women’s and children’s hospitals. Our dozens of day surgery and procedure centre customers work with us closely to achieve their procurement goals. We recently worked closely with a new day hospital to fit out their new facility with equipment and make decisions around their medical consumable product choices.

Every hospital’s needs are different. We look forward to helping you get all the required supplies and equipment in one place. Fill out our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you straight away.

For complete hand hygiene solutions for hospitals visit our - hand hygiene resource hub


Australian Hospital Statistics

Australian Public and Private Hospitals Hospital Count
Public Hospitals 697 (2020-21)
Private Hospitals (including day facilities) 657 (2016-17)
Total Hospitals 1,354
Australian Hospital Beds By State Hospital Beds in 2020-2021
New South Wales 20,722
Victoria 14,949
Queensland 12,889
Western Australia 5,883
South Australia 4,532
Tasmania 1,472
Australia Capital Territory 1,151
Northern Territory 997
Total Hospital Beds 62,575

All statistics from


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