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Cost In Use Analysis & Product Audits

Cost in Use Analysis: Our cost in use analysis is just part of our unique range of value-add services designed to enhance the productivity of your business. Our experienced team will provide you with a pricing audit of your current med-con supplies you are purchasing from a different supplier. By providing us your current invoices, we will provide you a line by line analysis of where SSS Australia can save you money. We've saved new customers hundreds by getting down into the nitty gritty of their basket of goods

Product Audit: Keeping your business' goals in mind, we can perform a product audit on your basket of goods, and make product substitute suggestions to assist in acheiving your goals. A classic example of where a product audit can help achieve your goals is when you need to reduce the overall cost of your basket of goods. Our experienced team know our product catalogue so well, we can suggest more cost effective alternatives that will still perform within your requirements.

For example, one of our customers were spending approximately $650 per month on a range of medical consumables. Their basket included a numming agent, a range of bandages, latex powder free gloves in a number of sizes, and a few other products. By completing a product audit, we were able to reduce their overall monthly spend to $470, saving them $180 per month. They were able to purchase the same products and quantities, while still receiving products that delivered on their requirements. 

Take advantage of these unique services- contact us to request a cost in use analysis or product audit, or call our Customer Support Team on 1800 777 518.

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