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  • Ear Hygiene and The Benefits of Ear Irrigators
Ear Hygiene and The Benefits of Ear Irrigators

Ear Hygiene and The Benefits of Ear Irrigators

Earwax, or cerumen, is produced naturally and helps protect the ear canal from bacteria and foreign particles, like dirt and dust. When chewing and moving the jaw, it assists in pushing old earwax from the deeper part of the ear canal towards the ear opening. Normally, earwax dries up and naturally falls out from there. It's important to note that earwax isn't produced in the deep section of the ear canal; instead, it forms in the outer areas. If there is excess wax that is causing discomfort or hearing problems, patients should consult a doctor rather than trying to remove it themselves.

A range of problems can occur from inserting foreign objects into the ear canal. Cotton tips are often used but some people also recommend bobby pins and other sharp objects. Using these objects can force more wax into the lower ear canal increasing hearing loss, infection or rupturing of the eardrum.

For many years the cheap and moderately effective way to clean ears at the local GP was ear irrigation using water in a syringe. As the water pressure was determined by the health professional holding the syringe, water was sometimes applied too forcefully resulting in damage to the ear. In the early 2000’s the RACGP stated that one in five legal medical cases with GPs was due to ear syringing.[1]


The Cost-Effective Option for GPs is Ear Irrigators

Ear suction is the most effective and safest way to clear excess cerumen. These machines are large and expensive and are found in dedicated ENT clinics and large GPs. A more cost-effective, simple, and convenient size option for GPs is the ear irrigator.

Ear irrigators typically include a water reservoir, an electric motor for powering the pump, and a specialised nozzle. The motor and pump work together to create a consistent and safe pressurised stream of water that flows from the reservoir through the nozzle. This stream is directed into the blocked ear, and the used water and dislodged ear wax flow into a dish under the ear.


Ear Irrigators Supported by SSS Australia

The recently updated Propulse Ear Irrigator is a cost-effective, easy-to-use and easy-to-clean device for effective ear wax removal for General Practices.

The Propulse Ear Irrigator has variable pressure controls to ensure safe water delivery, easy tip removal, and a foot switch allowing for hands-free use.

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SSS Australia also stocks complete ear toilet products with a suction unit included.

Contact our Personal Account Managers if you need help with ear-cleaning products.



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