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  • Zinc Oxide and Skin Integrity
Zinc Oxide and Skin Integrity

Zinc Oxide and Skin Integrity

Historically, topical zinc has been used in the treatment of wounds for over 3,000 years. Zinc is a metallic trace element that is essential for good health and is second only to iron as the most abundant element in a healthy human’s body.  Roughly one-fifth of our total zinc content is found within our skin (Maher, 2015) and it plays an important role in the body in our immune system, antibody production, cell structure and integrity, tissue maintenance, and wound healing (Kogan, et al, 2017). So, it makes sense that if we are deficient in zinc, wound healing could be compromised.

The Benefits of Zinc Oxide - Healing with Paste Bandages:

Zinc bandages are used primarily in lower limb wound management to treat leg ulcerations and the skin conditions associated with a Venous leg ulcer. They are commonly applied to help manage Varicose Eczema and Hyperkeratosis. Zinc bandages can also be used in the management of skin conditions related to chronic oedema and for the treatment of patients with a diagnosis of Red Leg Syndrome.

VISCOPASTE PB7 bandages deliver a protective skin barrier, reduce inflammation and provide a moist healing environment when the skin’s integrity has been compromised (Williams, 1999; Lansdown et al, 2007).  The paste bandages are soothing and cooling when in situ as the zinc oxide absorbs into the wound or skin surface, which may help to correct a local zinc deficit and aid healing. (Agren 1990). Patch testing for 48 hours is recommended before initial use.

VISCOPASTE PB7 bandages can be used as an adjunct to a compression therapy system* or as the primary wound contact layer. Stacey et al (1997) found in trials that the application of a paste bandage when used in combination with compression therapy significantly improved venous leg healing rates. Each bandage is single-use and can be left in place for up to 7 days of wear and provides a cost-effective treatment.

*A holistic assessment is required before the selection and application of an appropriate compression therapy.

VISCOPASTE PB7 bandages are made of cotton and do not contain elastic fibres, meaning they must be applied in a way that allows for swelling which may occur during the inflammatory phase of healing.

Clinicians should use one of the following methods of application:

  • pleating the bandage following each turn
  • cutting the bandage after each turn
  • cutting the bandage into strips before applying

On removal of the bandage, always unwind and discard, do not cut.

To be used under the supervision of a Clinician.

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