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SSS Australia want to make ordering your healthcare supplies quick, easy, and cost effective, helping you deliver the best possible outcomes for your patients. With our new website, the SSS Australia 5 star customer service will be extended to how you interact with us online.

On our new website you can:

  • Manage how you order including flexible tempaltes, comprehensive order history and custom catalogues
  • Control your accounts, including user and site management, budget and approved product protocols, and more
  • Improve your inventory management with stocktake templates and our new Stock Management Tool
  • Speed up ordering with fast order entry and CSV order uploads
  • Monitor the status of your orders, and view any order placed with SSS Australia
  • Generate order history and back order reports on demand
  • Pay your account, and/or settle your pay up front orders by secure payment gateway
  • Filter products by more categories with a new and improved product search, including filter by brand
  • Search for and download resources quickly and easily for thousands of products
  • Download handy equipment information and guides to help troubleshoot problems, and book equipment support 

Accessing your account

To log in to your SSS Australia Account on the new website, follow the instructions that apply to you below:
Currently Using Online Ordering With SSS Australia

If you currently have an active log in on the old SSS Australia website (, you already have an account set up and ready to go on the new site. All you need to do is go to and input the email address you are using to log in to the SSS Australia website now. You will receive a link via email (check your spam/junk folder) and use it to set your password.
Not Yet Using Online Ordering With SSS Australia

If you do not currently have an SSS Australia website account, If you are not currently an SSS Australia account holder,
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