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  • Restricted Drugs now referred to as Scheduled Medicines
Restricted Drugs now referred to as Scheduled Medicines

Restricted Drugs now referred to as Scheduled Medicines

Scheduled Medicines (Previously Restricted Drugs)

SSS Australia complies strictly with the Medicines & Poisons Act 2019 and the Medicines and Poisons (Medicines) Regulation 2019 (superseding the Health Drugs & Poisons Regulations 1996) that outlines the Queensland regulations for supplying scheduled medicines. This regulation informs us on how and to whom we can supply scheduled medicines. 

Please note, SSS Australia utilises the naming and definitions outlined in the Medicines & Poisons Act 2019, which refers to what was previously known as Restricted Drugs (in the now superseded Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996), as Scheduled Medicines. As a result of this, our customers will see this change from Restricted Drugs to Scheduled Medicines take place in all of our communications, including our website, during quarter 4, 2022. 

SSS Australia sells scheduled medicines only to Authorised Persons, as outlined in the definitions of the Medicines & Poisons Act 2019. 

In accordance with the Medicines & Poisons Act and Regulation, SSS Australia requires a purchase order number to be provided with all orders of scheduled medicines. We also require our Scheduled Medicines Declaration to be filled out before any order including a restricted drug is placed. This is completed during the checkout process for online orders, or via a form for phone or email orders. 

Returning Scheduled Medicines

Given the sensitive nature, SSS Australia does not accept returns of scheduled medicines. Please take this into consideration prior to placing your order.

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