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Zephair ZA1 Pressure & Palliative Care Air Mattress System Single 1980 x 880 x 215mm

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The Zephair ZA1 Pressure Care Air Mattress from Forté is a trusted pressure injury prevention bedding option for patients at risk of pressure ulcers. Pressure injuries occur when there is prolonged pressure on the skin and underlying tissues, typically in areas where bones are close to the skin's surface, such as the heels, hips, sacrum (lower back), and elbows. The Zephair ZA1 air mattress works by distributing the weight of the body more evenly across the mattress surface, reducing pressure on vulnerable areas and promoting better blood circulation.

The Forté Zephair pressure mattress upper layer features an anti-microbial foam with a high open cell elasticity that offers comfortable patient immersion and temperature with a low sheer surface. The lower layers maximise patient contact through pressure distribution, prevent collapse, promote ventilation, and avoid heat entrapment. It is also depth-calibrated to help with patient mobility and the visco-elastic foam works with the 22 cell system to minimise patent disturbance and promote airflow.

Zephair Pressure Care Air Mattress is made with a modular design and easily accessed through a 360° zipper and each component is replaceable to help manage ongoing performance costs. The way the mattress is composed of air supply tubes allows for easy CPR in case of emergency. The ergonomic pump is silent, and easy to use with low pressure and power failure alerts.

The Zephair ZA1 Pressure Single Mattress System Features:

  • Breathable Airofoam immersion layer, reducing heat entrapment and promoting airflow
  • Maximises patient contact and alleviates pressure points
  • Low sheer visco-elastic cell structure
  • Adheres to EPUAP, NPUAP & PPPIA and infection control guidelines
  • Modular design where every component is replaceable and accessed by 360° zipper
  • Easy-to-use silent ergonomic pump that works with many air mattresses
  • Stain resistant and anti-microbial protected
  • Length 1980mm, width 880mm and thickness 215mm
  • 30 – 180kg Effective Support Loading
  • Warranty foam core 5 years, air cell system 2 years and pump is 1 year

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