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Zephair ZA1 Pressure & Palliative Care Air Mattress System King Single 1980 x 1050 x 215mm

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The Forté Zephair ZA1 Pressure Care Air King Single Mattress is a reliable choice for preventing pressure injuries in patients at risk of pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers typically develop when prolonged pressure is applied to the skin and underlying tissues, especially in areas where bones are close to the skin's surface, like the hips, sacrum (lower back), heels, and elbows. The Zephair ZA1 air mattress evenly distributes the body's weight across its surface, reducing pressure on vulnerable areas and improving blood circulation.

This pressure mattress from Forté features a top layer made of anti-microbial foam with high open cell elasticity, ensuring consistent patient immersion and temperature regulation, while minimizing sheer surface friction. The base layers enhance patient comfort by dispersing pressure, preventing mattress collapse, promoting air circulation, and reducing heat retention. The mattress's depth calibration supports patient mobility, and the foam, in combination with the cell system, minimizes disturbances and enhances airflow.

The Zephair Palliative Care Pressure Air Mattresses have a modular design that can be easily accessed through a 360° zipper, and all components can be individually replaced. The included ergonomic pump operates silently and comes with a low-pressure gauge and a power failure alarm.

Key Features of the Zephair ZA1 Air Pressure King Single Mattress:

  • A breathable Airofoam immersion layer that reduces heat retention and encourages airflow.
  • Maximization of patient contact and alleviation of pressure points.
  • Low sheer visco-elastic cell structure.
  • Compliance with EPUAP, NPUAP, and PPPIA guidelines for infection control.
  • A modular design with every component replaceable and easily accessed through a 360° zipper.
  • An easy-to-use, silent ergonomic pump compatible with various air mattresses.
  • Stain-resistant and protected with anti-microbial properties.
  • Dimensions: Length 1980mm, width 1050mm, and thickness 215mm.
  • Effective Support Loading range from 30 to 180kg.
  • Warranty: 5 years for the foam core, 4 years for the cover, 2 years for the air cell system, and 1 year for the pump.

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