Aegis Nitrile P/Free Exam Glove Sterile Sml 6-6.5 B50

Item No. 1315226
Small, Size 6 - 6.5. Box of 50 Aegis, like an armour, offers superb hand barrier protection and it dons like a second skin. The extended cuff length provides extra protection, high tensile strength and resistance to chemicals as expected from a high performance nitrile glove. This is our recommended
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Box 50 pairs
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Small, Size 6 - 6.5. Box of 50

Aegis, like an armour, offers superb hand barrier protection and it dons like a second skin. The extended cuff length provides extra protection, high tensile strength and resistance to chemicals as expected from a high performance nitrile glove. This is our recommended sterile exam glove for procedures and jobs that demand tactile sensitivity.

> Fingertip textured
> Powder Free
> Not made with natural rubber latex
> Chemotherapy drugs tested
> Lab chemical tested
> Ambidextrous
> Long Cuff
> Violet blue colour
> Sterilised using gamma irradiation.
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SDS-Matrix Mint.pdf
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SDS-Medirinse Rinse Aid.pdf
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SDS-Microshield 4 Antiseptic Cassette 1.5l.pdf
SDS-Microshield Handwash Cassette 1.5l.pdf
SDS-Minims oxybuprocaine eye drop.pdf
SDS-Minims Tetracaine Eye Drops.pdf
SDS-Minims tropicamide Eye Drop.pdf
SDS-Opsite Aetosol Spray.pdf
SDS-Original Florogen.pdf
SDS-Oust 3in1 Outdoor Scent 325g.pdf
SDS-Oust 3in1Garden fresh 325g.pdf
SDS-Raid Cockroach Baits.pdf
SDS-Raid Earth Options AutoAdv Rfl 305g6AU.pdf
SDS-Raid Earth Options Multi Insect Automatic Control.pdf
SDS-Raid Flying Insect Killer Odourless.pdf
SDS-Raid one Shot Multi Purpose Insect Killer.pdf
SDS-Remove Wipe.pdf
SDS-Reston Foam Adhering Dressing.pdf
SDS-Sofradex eye drops.pdf
SDS-Softa-Man Solution.pdf
SDS-Softa-Man Viscorub.pdf
SDS-Speedy Clean Wipes.pdf
SDS-Spill Wipes.pdf
SDS-Sporicidal Wipes.pdf
SDS-Steri-Drape Adhesive Towel 100x85.pdf
SDS-Steri-Drape Incise 35x35.pdf
SDS-Stokolan Intense Moisturising Cream.pdf
SDS-Tegaderm IV 1633.pdf
SDS-Tegaderm IV 1635.pdf
SDS-Universal Wipes.pdf
SDS-Uro trainer Saline 0.9%NaCl.pdf
SDS-Uro Trainer Twin Solutio R.pdf
SDS-Xylocaine and Xylocaine with Adren.PDF
Sensiclean II No Powder Flyer.pdf
Sharpoint Catalogue 2020.pdf
Sharps Container Brochure.pdf
Side Rail Protectors 912015 Information.pdf
Single Serve Directions for Use.pdf
Single Use Sterican Needles.pdf
Softa Man Gel Poster General.pdf
Softa Man Gel Surgical Hand Prep Poster.pdf
Softa Man Visco Rub Brochure.pdf
Softa Man Visco Rub Information for the User.pdf
Softa Man Visco Rub Information.pdf
Softaman Brochure V6.pdf
SoftaMan Brochure.pdf
Solvex Chemical handling Glove Flyer.pdf
Solvex Flockline Chemical Handling Glove Flyer.pdf
Sonex TB.pdf
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Speedy Clean Flyer.pdf
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Spinal Needles.pdf
Spirolab4 Desktop Brochure.pdf
Spirometry Sample Report.pdf
Sporicidal Brochure.pdf
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Surefuser Guide.pdf
Surefuser+ brochure small email 4 page CH2 P.pdf
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