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Power Supply for ProBP 2400
Item No. 1354558

Topical Solutions

Fucidin Ointment 15g RD Tube
Item No. 1067013

Surface Cleaning

V-Wipes Flat Pack Pkt 50
Item No. 1370200

Save with Generics

Anti-Microbial Wound Cleansing | Prontosan

Prontosan Wound Spray 75ml
Item No. 1361708
Prontosan Wound Gel X 50g
Item No. 1367765
Prontosan Wound Gel X 250g
Item No. 1367773
Prontosan Wound Gel 30ml
Item No. 1282425

Semi-Permeable Film | Opsite Flexifix Transparent Film Roll

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Waterproof Island Film Dressing | Opsite Post-op

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Managing Infected Wounds

Save 20% On Silvercel  Non Adherent and Tielle Adhesive Foam

Primary Dressing

Secondary Dressing

Hydropolymer | Leukomed® Control


HydroClean® plus

HydroTac® Comfort

Gelling Fibre

Foam Dressings

Mepilex XT 15 x 15cm B5
Item No. 1352989
Mepilex XT 5 x 5cm B5
Item No. 1353004
Mepilex XT 10 x 20cm B5
Item No. 1352997

Acrylic Polymer | Tegaderm Absorbent Clear Acrylic