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  • Case Study: Busy GP Streamlines Ordering With SSS Online
Case Study: Busy GP Streamlines Ordering With SSS Online

Case Study: Busy GP Streamlines Ordering With SSS Online

A longstanding SSS Australia customer spoke to us about their experience with SSS Australia, particularly how our new website has helped improve their internal processes. They are a renowned general practice of health care professionals who value their patients and aim to provide only the highest quality of care and service. Their services include family medicine, chronic disease management, cosmetics, physiotherapy, and more. They have three clinics supervised by a Clinical Nurse Coordinator and Practice Manager, with nurses within each facility placing orders.
The practice has been ordering products from SSS Australia since 2018 and was beginning to find our website wasn't as user-friendly as it could be. They found that ordering through the previous system was time-consuming due to clunky product searches and lengthy approval processes.
We listened to their feedback, examined their experiences, and deemed their feedback likely to be how the broader SSS Australia customer base felt. Using this feedback and feedback gathered from many other customers, our new website has greatly improved how they order their medical products.

Their Challenge

This group of practices was looking to give their Practice Nurses an easy-to-use tool to place med-con orders while also providing the Clinical Nurse Coordinator visibility and management controls over what was being ordered at each site. While our old website did allow for this management, because there were three accounts, the Clinic Nurse Coordinator was having to juggle three separate logins, causing confusion. The onboarding process for new staff was also quite difficult, and training new team members on how to raise orders were lengthy and often required multiple sessions to get right.
Another reported frustration with the old platform was the user-friendliness of order templates. Progress could be accidentally lost quite easily, which was a big pain point for this group and many others like it.


Our new website has addressed the concerns faced by the team in multiple ways. The biggest is related to their ordering approval system. The Clinical Nurse Coordinator now has one single login where they have full visibility over all three sites ordering activity, including orders, order statuses, invoices, account balances, backorders, and more. In addition to this, previously approving or amending orders would have to be done by logging in to the website and checking the order through the platform. It can now be done via a single email, where the approving manager can review and approve the orders without going to the website at all. The approver can see all orders when placed and either approve or reject them with a single button click.
In regards to the user-friendliness of order templates, needing to only have one window open for order preparation and search has been a huge time saver. Monthly consumable orders are completed quickly, and replacement equipment is found easily, meaning that the Nurses can get back to helping their patients faster and with the items they need.
New items can now be ordered without having them added to the clinic template, giving back valuable time when a new product is released or occasionally becomes necessary.
The dashboard overview acts as the heart of the account, allowing the relevant person to see everything from changing the password to viewing orders on hold can be found here.
On the off chance that something does go wrong, the SSS Australia team is only a phone call away. "There were only a couple of small glitches with the approval status, but it was fixed immediately by Whitney at the time. Whitney answers phone calls. She is a real person, fixes problems quickly, and communicates very well" the Clinical Nurse Coordinator said.


Since the release of the new website, the group has found ordering is now straightforward to follow and approve. With plenty of training for new staff available, onboarding is easy to complete. The IT support provided has been good and ensures the odd site issues are fixed quickly and efficiently.
Our Personal Account Manager offers an additional level of service and is helpful and supportive with questions and happy to assist in any way they can. They act as the first port of call for any questions, concerns, or information sharing on new products available in our range.
Overall, the new website has addressed their concerns and even added benefits to managing their stock, training their staff, and interacting with our Customer Service team. We are happy to continue our partnership into the future with this valued customer.

Features This Customer Uses

  • Budgetary Approvals: all orders go to the Clinical Nurse Coordinator for approval prior to being sent to SSS Australia,
  • Super Users: the Clinical Nurse Coordinator has easy access to all three accounts through one login and one dashboard,
  • Order templates: the teams order using preset order templates but are able to order outside of this template should they wish.
If you are looking to get more from your ordering with SSS Australia, talk to your Personal Account Manager today about your struggles. Our new website offers hundreds of features to help you do what you need to do quickly and efficiently.

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