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  • Case Study: Anchor Medical Partners with SSS Australia For Growth
Case Study: Anchor Medical Partners with SSS Australia For Growth

Case Study: Anchor Medical Partners with SSS Australia For Growth

Since its early beginnings, Anchor Medical has expanded to eight locations and added more services and supports to build close relationships with staff and doctors, supporting their practitioners. They offer their patients high-quality care across various services, including family planning, men’s and women’s health, skin checks, immunisations, and much more. The goal is to provide primary healthcare services to local communities by creating safe and healthy environments for staff and doctors and providing first-class support to ensure practitioners can maintain their entire focus on their patients.

Their Challenge

Once the team had identified their business strategy and started planning for the future, they realised they would need a supply partner to ensure the equipment they needed would be there when they needed it.
Finding a supplier who would be able to keep up with their changing needs was the first step. As they opened new practices, Anchor Medical needed a supplier that would be around for the long haul and offer scalability to deliver the projected requirements.


The SSS Australia team works with Anchor Medical to understand how the business and the patient’s needs are changing. This includes supporting the team through the ordering and stock management system, offering staff training, and much more.
Anchor Medical has received impressive customer service combined with competitive pricing during their time as customers with us. Loan equipment is offered when theirs is being serviced.
“Being able to access loan equipment while the practices are being serviced makes all the difference in keeping our clinic running as usual for our patients.” - Shabnam Ali, owner.


Anchor Medical find that the support, ease of access to stock, and website ordering system work to make the day-to-day running of their practices easier. Their Personal Account Manager visits regularly and offers insights into new products as they become available.
“The support we have received from our Personal Account Manager has been great. They are available and ready to help. On the occasions when they are unavailable, we have been able to speak to the Sales Manager or the Customer Support Team to solve any issues or answer any questions.”  - Shabnam Ali, owner.
SSS Australia is excited to be able to continually strengthen our partnership with additional value, such as staff training through conferences, supplier information and displays, website functionality, and building new pathways for future collaborations and growth.
Check out our website today to find out how we can offer your business these supports and more!
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