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  • Case Study: Hawthorne Clinic makes stock management easy with SSS Australia
Case Study: Hawthorne Clinic makes stock management easy with SSS Australia

Case Study: Hawthorne Clinic makes stock management easy with SSS Australia

Hawthorne Clinic has provided trusted medical care to their community since the 1920s. With a team of 7 Nurses, 7 Administrators, and 13 Doctors, they are committed to providing continuing, comprehensive care to individuals and families in the inner eastern suburbs of Brisbane. They offer support in family medicine, women’s health, veterans’ affairs, family planning and mental health, and much more.

Their Challenge

Previously, ordering was done manually. A printed order form was completed by going through the stock and counting each time an order needed to be placed. The order was then faxed or scanned through to SSS Australia to process.

As technology moved forward, so did they. Ordering off our website was made more accessible through their account’s Favourites list, but it took time to cross-check and confirm the correct products were being ordered in the right quantities.

“We were looking for something that would be quick, simple, and reduce the chance of errors being made when ordering stock,” said Melinda, the Practice Manager.


SSS Australia came to the table with our Inventory Stock Management Tool. This tool enables Hawthorne Clinic to conduct regular stock takes on their products using an iPad. The team member enters their stock count and press save. The steps are repeated at each location where inventory is stored. It’s as simple as that.

Once the team has completed their stock take in all locations and is ready to place their order, the team member just has to press the ‘Place Order’ button on the stock take and follow the prompts to finalise the details.

“The Inventory Stock Management Tool has greatly saved time when placing an order, reducing the chance of ordering the wrong stock item,” said Melinda. “The support we received from our Personal Account Manager and the team at SSS Australia through the setup phase was fantastic. They answered our questions quickly and came out to help us organise our stock locations so we could easily find everything.”

Since beginning to use the Inventory Stock Management Tool, Melinda has found identifying what stock is stored in what locations much more accessible. The ability to order stock through the iPad has saved time as it offers the capacity to place orders while standing in front of the stock, rather than manually noting what they need and then going back to the computer to place orders.

The overall experience of Hawthorne Clinic with the Inventory Stock Management Tool has been positive, and they are excited to get more of their team using the platform.

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