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  • Flu Season 2023 - Are You Prepared?
Flu Season 2023 - Are You Prepared?

Flu Season 2023 - Are You Prepared?

The chill in the air this Easter gave us a good reminder that Winter is not too far away, and this year’s flu season is nearly here. While there has been some noise in the media recently about the possible severity and early onset of this year’s flu season, here are the facts.


When Does Flu Season Normally Start?

While lockdowns, isolating and greater germ awareness prevented any major flu outbreaks in 2020-21, cases surged again in 2022 when life started returning to normal. At the end of last year, many health organisations observed that the flu season had started two months earlier than normal in the Northern Hemisphere. The US noted cases were 4 times higher than at any time in the last decade while Germany’s number of cases was ten times higher than the previous year [1].

In the years before 2020, flu cases in Australia increased around May, usually peaking in August and then dropping by October. However, this year the Australian Department of Health reported that the number of influenza cases in March was similar in size to numbers usually seen in May [2]. So, we do have more cases now than we normally would.


How Seasonal Flu Vaccines Are Ready When Needed

The World Health Organisation published its latest composition recommendations for 2023 influenza vaccines for the Southern Hemisphere in September last year [3]. These recommendations need to be made around nine months before flu season starts to give vaccine makers enough time to prepare seasonal batches to target relevant/prominent influenza strains. [4] The good news this year is that the 2023 influenza vaccines are available now.


SSS Australia is Here To Help

So with flu cases higher than normal and occurring earlier than normal in Australia, now is the time to stock up on influenza vaccines to ensure you are ready for the demand.


Be prepared and stay safe this flu season.


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