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  • Have you heard about the Hadeco SmartDop ABI Monitors?
Have you heard about the Hadeco SmartDop ABI Monitors?

Have you heard about the Hadeco SmartDop ABI Monitors?

Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) allows us to compare the blood pressure in the arms (brachial measurement) with blood pressure in the ankle. The readings from this measurement can help to identify any circulatory issues that may exist. Monitoring these readings is essential for people with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) or conditions such as diabetes, which can challenge normal circulation. While keeping track of PAD severity can be a primary use for the ABI monitors, they are also helpful across other specialties such as plastic surgery, trauma, orthopedic surgery, podiatry, and wound care.
The Smartdop® XT Vascular Testing System is a complete vascular testing system with both doppler and automatic testing capabilities. The Smart-XT Link software allows the unit to connect to a PC via the cable, efficiently storing test results. By utilising Windows software, Smart-XT-Link includes automated blood pressure & pulse volume measurement capabilities for up to 6 sites with simple one-button operation and up to 14 sites with rolling basis segmental testing.

SmartDop XT-4 with Laptop and Trolley

SSS Australia offers a package including a laptop with Windows 10 and a trolley stand. The trolley allows for a mobile way to use the ABI Monitor while remaining connected to the computer so that patient information and results can be recorded immediately and securely. Have the convenience of the SmartDop XT-4 wherever you need it on this mobile cart that includes a laptop computer with the Windows 10 operating system.
The package includes:
  • SmartDop ST Unit
  • 2x Upper Arm Cuffs
  • 2x Limb Cuffs
  • Windows 10 Laptop Computer
  • XT-4 Trolley
SmartDop XT-6
The SmartDop XT6 includes a temperature probe and an 8Mhz vascular probe. It performs venous reflux and foot temperature studies making it a valuable addition to any practice. Early diagnosis has significantly reduced the risk of severe Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) complications such as heart attack, stroke, amputations, or even death.
The SmartDop XT6 has six cuff inflation ports and enables rapid bilateral studies with the touch of a button. Colour-coded tubing makes patient setup quick and easy, and the single-button operation helps the user perform ABI and PPG toe pressure studies in minutes. 
Ankle-brachial and toe brachial index ratios indicate the presence and severity of vascular disease. The ankle-brachial index is a good baseline indicator of potential disease and helps determine if other tests, such as segmental pressure studies, should be performed.

In Conclusion

The ABI is a simple, non-invasive clinical test that should not only be applied to diagnose PAD but also to provide important prognostic information about future cardiovascular events. The Hadeco automatic blood pressure device enables health care professionals to detect peripheral artery disease in patients quickly and effectively in routine medical examinations.

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