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  • Help Prevent Pressure Injuries
Help Prevent Pressure Injuries

Help Prevent Pressure Injuries

Pressure sores are caused by constant pressure applied to the skin over an extended period. The skin of older people tends to be thinner and more delicate, which means a more senior person has an increased risk of developing a pressure sore during a prolonged stay in bed. For people confined to a bed or chair for any period, it's crucial to be aware of pressure sores' risks. Pressure sores can still be a risk even in the highest-quality care facilities.
Research shows that mattresses with higher-density foam can help prevent sores from developing or worsening. These do not alleviate the need to change the patient's position regularly, but they can help improve comfort and reduce risk. People who used these mattresses were less likely to develop pressure sores than people lying on standard foam mattresses.

Prevention is better than Treatment

The Forte range offers high-quality comfort, support, and preventative pressure care to patients who need to spend an extended time in bed. Support surfaces such as beds, mattresses, overlays, and cushions relieve compression on vulnerable areas of the patient's body.
Support surfaces on beds should meet individual patient needs, those who are primarily bedbound may benefit from using an alternating pressure mattress, but this should never replace the need for repositioning2. Alternating air mattresses can be helpful in situations where patients' regular repositioning is challenging to achieve.

Forte Mattresses Make a Difference in Aged Care

Providing the highest quality patient support surfaces and pressure care products for acute care hospitals, aged care facilities, and medical home care requirements.
Tried and trusted in facilities across Australia, the ICON mattress range provides outstanding durability, a high standard, consistency of care, and excellent value. Various configurations are available, providing for a wide range of patient needs and requirements.
Essential clinical requirements, including temperature stability, support, immersion, minimising shear forces, and lateral stability, are provided in the design through carefully selected premium foams and high-quality fabrics.
The ICON Pressure Care Mattress range offers quality and features to allow confident usage in the Hospital and Aged Care environments. Select the Icon Pressure Care Mattresses and achieve unsurpassed reliability and consistency of care.

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