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  • Reach your Business Goals as The Medical Industry Evolves
Reach your Business Goals as The Medical Industry Evolves

Reach your Business Goals as The Medical Industry Evolves

Goodbye to 2022, and hello to 2023! While we take a little bit of time to reflect on the last 12 months and see what worked and what our customers enjoyed, we also peer into the future, thinking of ways to enhance our levels of customer service and increase our support of the medical industry in Australia.

We continue to look for more ways to save our clients time and money through website upgrades, improved ordering systems, and increasing product options. Our team of experienced medical supply experts are keen to find the best prices for every customer using our product and supplier comparison systems. Find out more about how our Product Audits and Cost In Use Analysis services can help your business.


What’s The Next Big Thing In The Australian Medical Industry?

These are exciting times as technology and innovation look to enhance healthcare in the future.
Here are some things to look out for in the medical industry in 2023:


Sustainable Products

Over the last few years, we have seen more of a push towards sustainability across the medical industry. Companies are becoming more transparent in how their production processes affect the environment, how their products break down in landfill and the benefits of reusing and recycling used medical products.

We see companies like Novo Nordisk from Denmark recycling parts of their diabetes products to help produce office chairs[1], US company Abbott allowing customers to return old sensor kits so they can be used for renewable energy not landfill[2] and rubber glove manufacturers producing biodegradable disposable gloves. For example, Mun has developed GloveOn Avalon Nitrile gloves using organic additives, attracting microbes that speed up breakdown in landfills up to ten times quicker than previous latex products[3].

To make your medical supplies order more eco-friendly talk to the team at SSS Australia for more advice about moving to recyclable, sustainable products.


The Continuing Rise of Digital Tech & Medical Devices You Can Wear

In 2023 we are expecting to see more devices make medical decisions without the need to send data to a third party. This not only keeps the patient’s information far more secure but can lead to medical decisions being made much faster in life-threatening situations. The Australian Government is about to start trialling the next generation of medical point-of-care wearable tech which will help monitor the movement of children with cerebral palsy and enable sepsis blood testing to be done in just 10 minutes[4].

Soon we will see devices that can detect mental illnesses by monitoring sleep patterns, heart rate, and activity levels to work out if the user is susceptible to depression[5].

In-facility diagnostic equipment will continue to improve as the industry advances to a paperless future. The monitoring of more vital signs and reducing the risk of manual data entry errors are just some of the benefits of moving towards a one-stop diagnosis system. The Welch Allyn Connex Vital Signs Monitor is a great all-in-one product that monitors pulse, blood pressure, and temperature and can be upgraded to monitor etCO2 and early warning signs. For more information about the best diagnostic devices for your facility reach out to our team of experts.


Less Waste and Faster Ordering

We frequently see medical storerooms become messy and supplies get misplaced and then lost. This is where inventory systems and automatic stock-take systems are so valuable, and once you reliably know what is in your storeroom it makes ordering supplies much easier.

We have stocktake templates to quickly and easily stock up your store room to pre-determined levels. We have also built our own stock management tool around a cost-effective barcode system. You then use scanners to make stock taking a breeze and subsequent supplies ordering easy. If organizing your storeroom is a priority this year, please send us a quick message.


Do you need help reaching your business goals in 2023?

Whether you have been told to trim your medical supplies costs or free up more time to improve patient care or organize your storeroom, we can help with that. Let us help you reach your business goals this year - contact us today.






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