Spotlight on Health & Ageing

Bedroom Furniture

Falls Prevention

Nurse Call Bed Alarms

Hip Protection

Head Protection

Manual Handling & Safety

Pelican Walk Belts

Slide Sheets

Nutrition & Hydration

New to SSS Australia - Flavour Creations range of Nutrition & Hydration products. 

To view, the full range of Flavour Creations products click here

Pressure Management

Icon Mattresses

CareProtect Pedi Boot

Skin Integrity

Ego QV Skincare

Ego QV Skin Lotion 500ml
Item No. 1315757
Ego QV Skin Lotion 1 Litre
Item No. 1315900


Kidney Dishes


Autoplas Plastic Bowl 240mm
Item No. 1029620
Autoplas Plastic Bowl 345mm
Item No. 1029649
Autoplas Plastic Bowl 140mm
Item No. 1029602
Autoplas Plastic Bowl 100mm
Item No. 1029596
Autoplas Plastic Bowl 60mm
Item No. 1124343

Slipper Pans & Urinals


infection Control


V-Wipes Flat Pack Pkt 50
Item No. 1370200

PPE Organisers

Oral Hygiene

Mouth Toilet Pack VA0002
Item No. 1184931