Effective infection control and prevention is vital in order to provide high-quality healthcare for your patients and a safe working environment for your staff.

There are approximately 200,000 healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in Australian acute healthcare facilities each year. It is possible to significantly reduce the rate of HAIs through effective infection prevention and control.
Understanding the modes of transmission of infectious organisms and knowing how and when to apply the basic principles of infection prevention and control is critical to the success of an infection control program. This responsibility applies to everybody working and visiting a healthcare facility, including administrators, staff, patients and carers.
Ref: Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare, 2010, NHMRC

Infection Control Resources

Hand Hygiene Australia Education and Posters- Click Here
RACGP Infection prevention and control standards - Click Here
Association for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) Education and Posters- Click Here
Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare (2010)-Click Here

Infection Control Products

Can You Wash your Keyboard?

With the Clinell EasyClean Washable range of technology products YOU CAN! 100% Waterproof and Dishwasher Safe keyboards & mice developed to simplify cleaning procedures and increase infection control compliance.

Managing routine surface cleaning in your practice –THERE’S A WIPE FOR THAT!

Cleaning is an important part of the standard precautions for infection prevention and control
The Benefits of Wipes:
  • Developed for the healthcare environment
  • One product for multiple applications
  • Efficient and ready to use
  • No dilution or preparing daily solutions
  • Can be conveniently placed for timely use by staff

DETERGENT WIPES - For routine (daily) cleaning of surfaces to reduce dust and dirt which can harbour microorganisms
DISINFECTANT WIPES - Should be considered when there is a risk of contamination with infectious agents
V-Wipes Flat Pack Pkt 50
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Clinell Spill Wipes (Kit)
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Clinell Sporicidal Wipes P25
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Reference: RACGP Infection prevention and control standards for general practices and other office-based and community-based practices. 5th Edition. 2014


Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to a variety of barriers, used alone or in combination, to protect mucous membranes, airways, skin and clothing from contact with infectious agents. PPE used as part of standard precautions includes aprons, gowns, gloves, surgical masks, protective eyewear and face shields. Selection of PPE is based on the type of patient interaction, known or possible infectious agents, and/or the likely mode(s) of transmission.
Ref: Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare, 2010, NHMRC

Spill Kits

Did You Know?  For Accreditation, you must have a laminated checklist of the items in your Biohazard Spill Kit. Click Here to Download a copy of our checklist.

Hand Hygiene

Effective hand hygiene, using soap and water, antiseptic hand wash or alcohol-based hand rubs or wipes, has been proven to reduce the spread of infection. Easy access to hand-hygiene facilities enables staff to clean their hands more reliably. Selecting the correct hand-hygiene product is essential in ensuring the hands of staff members are adequately cleaned and disinfected if necessary.
Aqium Gel 60ml
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Aqium Gel Pump Pack 1 Ltr
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Microshield Handwash 500ml
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Microshield Pump 2ml
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